About Me

Growing up in the Upper Midwest I had the opportunity to spend a lot of moments outdoors. Free time was often filled with hunting, fishing and exploring the woods, fields, rivers and streams around home. There truly is no better playground for a kid than outside.

As life carried me away from home though I took to documenting the world around me through the lens. Yet, as is often the case, careers, family and life gradually turned a college passion into an occasional hobby as priorities became rearranged.

Fortunately though, I have had the opportunity revive this artistic undertaking. In the last few years I have been able to once more focus on capturing the natural and cultural world that surrounds us, refining my interest and focus. I am grateful to those who have provided me opportunities along the way and offered guidance and advice. In particular, Gerry Yandel, Matt Scoch and Bill Kiser at the Pulitzer Prize winning Virgin Islands Daily News, who gave me the opportunity to work freelance for them covering a wide variety of sports and community events throughout the territory.

Currently my photographic and film work focuses on Wildlife and Sport as well as Culture, Travel & Street styles of expression. I have found these to be the genres in which I find the most fulfilment and passion.

I hope that each of my visitors finds something of use and enjoyment here and in my portfolio. If you have any thoughts or even just want to say hello, please feel free to drop a note.

Thanks for stopping by…

                    – Scott M. Williams